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Ikiwiki as its name suggests a wiki engine. This is a very interesting piece of software. It do not use any database to store content, instead it uses static files in various supported markup languages (default markdown) and uses version control to handle them instead of implementing its own. Also the pages on wiki are actually static html files generated by a perl based cgi script. So, it can be used as a static site generator. But it can also be used as wiki with authentication, forum, comment support built-in. Pages can also be turned into blog pretty quickly in this wiki and it has various plugins to make it a blog engine.

There are plenty of Ikiwiki Docker images out there, but from those which I tried, none of them supported cgi out-of-box. I’m sure after configuring things I can make them work but if I’m configuring them why not write one from scratch. So, I wrote this image. I’m using nginx-proxy anyway so I wrote this one keeping that in mind. So, this image is supposed to be used with nginx-proxy. Although, this will work standalone as well.


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